Silence Will Fall
Kill me.
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i am, look, and feel just genuinely really fucking terrible





I just really really really love Jessica Rabbit, okay?

I think its because of copyright bullshit. Like who owns Roger Rabbit Disney or Waner brothers?

Disney owns the movie, but the reason Jessica Rabbit isn’t a Disney Princess… Is because the Princess line is aimed at little girls! Little girls from 5-10 wouldn’t see Who Framed Roger Rabbit. It’d be like putting the Punisher in the Avengers.

"Little girls from 5-10 wouldn’t see Who Framed Roger Rabbit."

Wait wait you mean it’s not normal for a little girl to repeatedly watch this movie until she had practically memorized every single part except when Judge Doom does the weird eye thing because that was scary? Oh…well then…ahem…*glances around*…good thing I never did that. Hehe. Nope. Not at all.

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